Europcar Car Rentals.

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Europcar is the leading car rental in Europe

Europcar was founded in Paris, France in 1949 under the name “The Automobile Subscription”.

The company quickly expanded its operations throughout Europe and eventually became known as Europcar in 1951.

In the following years, Europcar continued to expand its operations across the globe, opening locations in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

Today, Europcar operates in over 140 countries worldwide and has a fleet of over 300,000 vehicles.

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How do we get it? Negotiating with Europcar USA and putting their prices in competition with other rent a car.

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Book your car rental at the airport with Europcar

Europcar is committed to sustainability and has implemented several eco-friendly initiatives, such as using hybrid and electric vehicles in its fleet and supporting local communities through its "Green Charter" program.

It offers a range of convenient services, such as the ability to rent a car one-way and drop it off at a different location.

The company also offers free pickup and drop-off services to and from the airport, making it easy for customers to get to their rental car quickly and efficiently.

With a presence in all airports, this provider guarantees unlimited availability and immediate confirmation of all requests.

This company of European origin has easily adapted to the American style thanks to very professional agents and a modern fleet.

Moving Your Way is the motto of Europcar USA and speaks volumes about the philosophy of this company when it comes to reserving a rental car.

With more than 40 vehicle models, Europcar gives you the chance to move your way with a safe, new and serviced vehicle for each rental.

With 24-hour assistance from your nearest location, you find yourself with all the support needed on the road.

Europcar has been named the best rent a car in the United States for several consecutive years, precisely because of this very important detail.

Europcar car rental fleet

Each of the Europcar car rental offices has a fleet of more than 40 car models to satisfy the demands of our customers.

We recognize that until now the strong part of this company has been the economic models, but in recent years investments have been intensifying in cars from 7 to 15 seats.

Renting a minivan with Europcar is now much easier and cheaper than in years past.

Sports rental cars have also entered the Europcar USA fleet with force.

Due to the increase in demand, we have had to increase the availability of models that were previously very scarce.

Today renting a Mustang or Camaro with Europcar is very cheap, with cars available 24/7 at all Europcar locations in the United States.

Why book with Europcar

When booking your car rental in the United States there are many aspects to take into account.

Don't get carried away just by a low rates. Check if the prices suit your needs, and more importantly, verify aspects such as insurance, unlimited miles or assistance.

Europcar is your best ally, especially if you are looking for these characteristics. Our customers have given their opinion, and valued as the most outstanding of their service the following:

  • No hidden costs
  • Fleet of new vehicles only
  • 24/7 service at all airports
  • Roadside assistance nationwide

All of this, plus all-inclusive rates with full insurance, unlimited miles and included taxes make Europcar a trusted provider of, and your best option to book a rental car. » Europcar