Green Motion Car Rental.

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Green Motion Rental Car, the experts in electric and hybrid vehicles

Green Motion is a UK-based car rental company, which has expanded to numerous other countries, including the US.

Their main focus is the environmental sustainability.

Green Motion stands out for being the first rent a car in the United States market, that focuses almost exclusively on the rental of electric and hybrid vehicles.

They have a commitment to reduce gas emissions and minimize the environmental impact in the transportation industry.

Green Motion's fleet of vehicles consists of a wide variety of eco-friendly vehicle rental options, including electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid cars.

These vehicles are efficient in terms of energy consumption and therefore contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of customers during their trips.

In addition to offering eco-friendly vehicles, Green Motion has also embraced sustainable practices in all areas of its operation, from the head office to the rental stations.

The company has implemented recycling programs, uses LED lighting, and has implemented monitoring systems to reduce energy consumption in its offices and workshops.

Green Motion also strives to educate its customers on the importance of environmental sustainability and how they can help reduce their impact on the environment.

The company has launched an initiative called “Green Heart” that focuses on raising awareness and educating customers about the environmental impact of the transportation industry, and providing them with resources and tools to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

Why opting for Green Motion is the best choice

The company was created to provide customers with a more sustainable option for car rental, using cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Today, Green Motion is recognized as a leader in sustainable car rental solutions, with locations across Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.

With sustainability also comes their goal of top customer satisfaction.

Green Motion offers competitive rates and a variety of rental options, and a range of convenient services, such as online booking and 24/7 customer support.

They are committed to transparency and honesty in its business practices. The company provides clear and concise information about its rental policies and fees, and strives to avoid any hidden charges or surprises for customers. » Green Motion