Book your car rental at Houston International Airport

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Pick up your rental car at Houston airport

Car rental services at Houston Airport, provided from the centralized Rental Car Center, strive to simplify your transportation needs during your stay in Houston. Conveniently located and accessible to all terminals, this service ensures smooth transitions for travelers, connecting each terminal through a free, comfortable shuttle bus service.

Let's delve into the details of these shuttle stops, located at strategic points within each terminal:

At Terminal A, you can easily find the shuttle stop at Gate A-115. Whether you've just arrived or are about to depart, this stop offers a convenient location that's easy to locate, ensuring a hassle-free commute to or from the Rental Car Center.

At Terminal B, your designated shuttle stop is at Gate B-103. Well-marked and conveniently situated, it offers a quick and direct access to the shuttle buses, making your travel experience more efficient and less stressful.

Terminal C houses two shuttle stops at Gates C-105 and C-106, providing more options and minimizing wait times. These well-positioned stops are designed to provide convenience to travelers, ensuring they can quickly find their way to the Rental Car Center or back to the terminal when required.

Terminal E's dedicated shuttle stop is at Gate E-101. Located conveniently for travelers using this terminal, it provides easy access to the shuttle bus service, ensuring a seamless transition to and from the Rental Car Center.

Directional signage within the airport, labeled “Ground Transportation”, will guide you to these shuttle stops. The exits to these locations are clearly marked with a “Rental Car” sign, making it simple for you to find your way.

The shuttle buses are easy to spot, thanks to their white and blue color scheme and the visible “Rental Car Shuttle” sign.

When returning your rental car, the process is equally straightforward. Just follow the signs at the airport entrance, or for a more tech-friendly approach, enter the address of the Houston Rental Car Center into your GPS. The precise location is 17330 Palmetto Pines, Houston, TX.

After dropping off your rental car, choose the shuttle bus that's headed in the direction of your terminal to get back to the airport. Each bus is clearly labeled with its terminal direction to ensure you board the right one.

To enhance your overall experience and navigation through Houston, we offer optional accessories such as GPS systems for your rental car. These can be particularly helpful for those unfamiliar with the city's roadways.

For travelers who have access to a cell phone with data service within the United States, we highly recommend utilizing navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze. These reliable applications provide accurate directions and updates on traffic conditions, helping to prevent any wrong turns or navigation mishaps.

Driving in Houston is a real pleasure

Covering a vast expanse, Greater Houston is a region that lends itself well to automobile travel. Despite the seemingly intimidating labyrinth of interstates and highways intersecting the city, rest assured that they serve to enhance your driving experience, making your journey smoother and more efficient.

Here are some of the key routes you might encounter:

  • I-10 East, also known as the Baytown-East Freeway.
  • I-10 West, better known as the Katy Freeway.
  • I-45 South, or the Gulf Freeway.
  • I-45 North, which is the North Freeway.
  • I-69/US 59 Northeast, often called the Eastex Freeway.
  • I-69/US 59 Southwest, otherwise known as the Southwest Freeway.
  • I-610, colloquially referred to as "The Loop".

In Houston, nicknaming major thoroughfares is a common practice, serving as mnemonic aids to help you better navigate your way to various towns in the region.

For more information and real-time traffic updates, the Houston Transtar website is an invaluable resource.

Shifting gears, let's consider the type of vehicle that's well-suited for a Houston drive. Opting for an SUV rental can ensure a blend of comfort and safety on Houston's roads. SUVs, being commonplace in the United States, form a significant part of rental car fleets.

Among the range of options, you can choose models like the Chevrolet Tahoe, the Ford Explorer, the Range Rover Sport, or the Nissan Patrol, to name a few. To secure the best rates, it's recommended to book your vehicle in advance.

For those planning group travels, Rentacaramerica simplifies this by offering a selection of minivan rentals in Houston. Our vehicles can accommodate groups ranging from 6 to 15 passengers.

Pre-book your preferred model through our search engine, where you can find popular choices like the Dodge Grand Caravan, the Toyota Sienna, or the Chrysler Pacifica.

We collaborate with the best rent a car in Houston

To ensure superior quality and service in Houston's car rental industry, we've established collaborative partnerships with some leading companies in the sector.

This ensures that our customers receive premier services from renowned names like Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Europcar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Sixt, and Thrifty, among others. More importantly, we're committed to offering these top-tier services at the most competitive rates.

Our pricing strategy sets us apart. We provide even better rates than the rental companies themselves, because our bundled offerings include more benefits, such as comprehensive insurance with no excess charges.

This means our customers enjoy premium services without having to worry about unexpected costs.

Our clientele, the users of Rentacaramerica, have discerning preferences. They consistently rank Alamo Houston as their top choice. Alamo's exceptional service has earned a special place in the hearts of our customers who have booked their rentals through our search engine.

Closely following Alamo, Avis Houston enjoys high popularity and stellar ratings, providing excellent services that our clients appreciate.

Enterprise and Sixt also have considerable favorability among our customers, demonstrating their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions - Houston Car Rental

How much does it cost to rent a car in Houston?

Average rental car rates in Houston today are as follows:

  • City Cars from US$ 20 a day.
  • Medium Size Cars from US$ 22 a day.
  • Full Size Cars from US$ 25 a day.
  • Minivan from US$28 per day.
  • Sports Cars and Convertibles from US$29 per day.
What is the cheapest car rental in Houston? - Car Rental in Houston from US$14 a day.

How to rent a car in Houston?

Visit and book through its search engine. We get the best deals and discounts by comparing the prices of all the car rentals in Houston.

How much does it cost to rent a Mustang in Houston?

Special categories that include models like the Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro are priced higher than regular car segments. The average price at the moment is US$29 per day, all-inclusive.

What are the mandatory insurances to rent a car in Houston?

They are insurance against theft, damage, fire and against third parties. Most of our rates include all of them.

What do I need to rent a car in Houston?

To rent a car in Houston you need the following:

  • Minimun age of 25.
  • Have a valid driver's license for at least one year.
  • Be the holder of a credit card (third party cards will not be accepted).
  • Have a confirmed reservation and its related voucher printed.

Drivers between the ages of 20 and 24 may still reserve their car. By entering the age at the time of the search you will be able to see the rates with the young driver rate included.

How to book a cheap rental car in Houston?

The best way to find car rental deals in Houston is to book as far in advance as possible. This way the rent a car will have more stock and therefore better prices.

Where are cars picked up and returned to at the Houston Intercontinental Airport?

In the Rental Car Center at the airport you will find all the car rental companies in Houston.

Can I reserve a rental car in Houston and return it somewhere else?

Yes, by entering the pick up and drop off locations in our search engine, you will be able to see all the options, with the one-way tax included.

Can I pay the rental in cash?

No, the only accepted form of payment is credit card.

Car rental agencies in Houston

The most important national and international car rental companies are present at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

This large number of companies allows us to have unlimited availability throughout the year, as well as immediate confirmation of all requests.

Below you can see the contact details of our suppliers.

Alamo Houston Aeropuerto IntercontinentalAlamo Houston Intercontinental Airport
17300 Palmetto Pines
Houston, United States 77032

+1 888-826-6893
Prices: US$16 - US$229
Mondays-Sundays 07:00 – 24:00
Avis Houston Aeropuerto IntercontinentalAvis Houston Intercontinental Airport
17330 Palmetto Pines
Houston, United States 77032

+1 281-443-5800
Prices: US$16 - US$197
Mondays-Sundays 07:00 – 24:00
Budget Houston Aeropuerto IntercontinentalBudget Houston Intercontinental Airport
17330 Palmetto Pines
Houston, United States 77032

+1 281-449-0145
Prices: US$21 - US$265
Mondays-Sundays 07:00 – 24:00
Dollar Houston Aeropuerto IntercontinentalDollar Houston Intercontinental Airport
17330 Palmetto Pines
Houston, United States 77032

+1 866-434-2226
Prices: US$15 - US$199
Mondays-Sundays 07:00 – 22:00
Enterprise Houston Aeropuerto IntercontinentalEnterprise Houston Intercontinental Airport
17300 Palmetto Pines
Houston, United States 77032

+1 833-628-9676
Prices: US$21 – US$189
Mondays-Sundays 07:00 – 24:00
Hertz Houston Aeropuerto IntercontinentalHertz Houston Intercontinental Airport
17314 Palmetto Pines
Houston, United States 77032

+1 281-209-6700
Prices: US$22 – US$229
Mondays-Sundays 05:00 – 24:00
National Houston Aeropuerto IntercontinentalNational Houston Intercontinental Airport
17340 Palmetto Pines
Houston, United States 77032

+1 833-511-1745
Prices: US$19 - US$297
Mondays-Sundays 07:00 – 24:00
Payless Rent a Car Houston Aeropuerto IntercontinentalPayless Rent a Car Houston Intercontinental Airport
17330 Palmetto Pines
Houston, United States 77032

+1 281-443-8477
Prices: US$23 - US$181
Mondays-Sundays 10:00 – 18:00
Sixt Houston Aeropuerto IntercontinentalSixt Houston Intercontinental Airport
17330 Palmetto Pines Suite A7
Houston, United States 77032

+1 888-749-8227
Prices: US$14 – US$239
Mondays-Sundays 08:00 – 20:00
Thrifty Houston Aeropuerto IntercontinentalThrifty Houston Intercontinental Airport
17330 Palmetto Pines
Houston, United States 77032

+1 877-283-0898
Prices: US$19 - US$213
Mondays-Sundays 07:00 – 22:00