Welcome to New York, the city that never sleeps

New York car rental opens up a world of excitement and possibilities in this dynamic and thrilling city, consistently attracting millions of visitors year after year.

From its humble beginnings as a trading hub established by Dutch colonizers in the early 17th century, New York City has transformed into a bustling metropolis that is a symbol of ambition, opportunity, and unyielding determination to succeed.

Today, as the Big Apple, it offers an endless array of attractions and experiences, making it an irresistible destination for travelers from around the globe. From catching a mesmerizing Broadway show to leisurely strolls through the iconic Central Park, New York never fails to captivate.

New York's unique charm lies in its status as a melting pot of cultures, with various neighborhoods offering glimpses into its rich history and diverse traditions. The city's vibrant arts scene is a testament to its status as a cultural mecca, providing visitors with a plethora of artistic brilliance to explore.

Amidst the bustling streets, New York's culinary scene delights the taste buds with an eclectic blend of flavors, from upscale dining establishments to charming street food vendors.

For shopping enthusiasts, New York offers an unparalleled retail experience, with high-end boutiques and lively markets beckoning to be explored.

As the sun sets, the city's legendary nightlife springs to life, inviting you to revel in its energetic ambiance, pulsating with a wide range of entertainment options.

Renting a car in New York amplifies your experience, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility to traverse the city and its outskirts on your terms.

With a rental car at your disposal, you can seamlessly immerse yourself in the city's vibrant energy, explore its cultural riches, and uncover hidden gems beyond the well-trodden paths.

New York car rental empowers you to embark on a memorable adventure, ensuring you make the most of your time in this iconic city, leaving you with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

Plan a visit to New Yorks

New York City is divided into five distinct boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

Each town has its own unique character and charm, offering visitors a diverse range of experiences. They all have grown and transformed over time, each developing its own distinct character and identity.

Manhattan is the most famous borough, known for its towering skyscrapers, iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building, and world-class cultural institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This borough has always been the financial and commercial hub of the city, with its towering skyscrapers serving as a symbol of New York's power and influence.

Brooklyn, on the other hand, is a diverse and eclectic borough, with a thriving arts scene, beautiful parks, and a bustling food culture.

It has gone from being a working-class neighborhood to a trendy hotspot, with a thriving arts scene and a diverse range of dining options.

Queens is a melting pot of cultures, with a rich history that is reflected in its many museums and cultural institutions.

It has transformed into a cultural mecca, with world-class museums and attractions that showcase the city's rich history and heritage.

The Bronx is home to Yankee Stadium, the New York Botanical Garden, and the Bronx Zoo.

It has gone from being a symbol of urban decay to a vibrant and diverse community, with a rich cultural heritage and a thriving arts scene.

While Staten Island offers a more laid-back experience, with beautiful beaches and scenic parks. And, even though this borough has often been overlooked, it maintains its unique charm and character, offering visitors a glimpse into a more laid-back and relaxed side of New York City.

Moving around the Big Apple and its transportation system

Rentacaramerica recognizes that New York City has one of the most extensive transportation systems in the world, offering residents and visitors a range of options for getting around the city.

And even though, we're sure that choosing one of our rental cars to move around is the best option, here are some tips on moving around NYC.

The subway is the backbone of the city's transportation network, with 24-hour service and 472 stations spread throughout the five boroughs. This is an affordable and convenient option for getting around, with a single fare costing just $2.75.

The city also has an extensive bus network that serves all five boroughs that offer a more scenic way to travel.

The roads and highways that connect the boroughs are well-maintained and offer a range of options for drivers.

The Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive (FDR Drive), runs along the east side of Manhattan and offers stunning views of the East River, while the West Side Highway provides easy access to the West Side of Manhattan.

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is a major thoroughfare that connects Brooklyn and Queens, while the Cross Bronx Expressway connects the Bronx to the rest of the city.

While traffic can be heavy at times, especially during rush hour, the transportation system in New York City is a vital part of what makes the city so dynamic and exciting.

We highly recommend booking one of our car rentals to get the most out of the NYC experience. We'll make sure you have all the guarantees and commodities that private transportation has to offer.

5 Scenic road trips starting from New York

New York, a city that never sleeps, is not only a captivating destination in itself, but also an excellent starting point for thrilling road trips. With a rental car at your disposal, the open road awaits, leading you to stunning landscapes, historic landmarks, and charming towns.

Here are five unforgettable road trips starting from New York, each offering its own unique adventure:

1. The Hudson Valley Escape

Embark on a journey through the picturesque Hudson Valley, just a short drive from New York City.

As you wind through the region's rolling hills and vineyards, you'll encounter majestic palaces like Bannerman Castle, perched atop an island in the Hudson River. Visit the historic towns of Rhinebeck and Cold Spring, with their quaint boutiques and enchanting architecture.

For nature lovers, the stunning Mohonk Mountain House and Minnewaska State Park Preserve offer hiking trails and breathtaking vistas.

2. Coastal Retreat: The Hamptons and Montauk

Indulge in the glitz and glamour of the Hamptons, where pristine beaches, upscale restaurants, and exclusive boutiques await. From there, head east to Montauk, renowned for its surf culture and breathtaking coastal landscapes.

Explore the iconic Montauk Lighthouse and take in the breathtaking sunset views. This road trip is the perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty, offering a taste of New York's upscale coastal retreats.

3. Adirondack Adventure

For nature enthusiasts seeking an outdoor escapade, venture north to the Adirondack Mountains. This road trip will take you through Adirondack Park, the largest protected area in the contiguous United States, where you can hike, kayak, and camp amidst stunning wilderness.

Don't miss Lake Placid, famous for hosting two Winter Olympics and offering year-round recreational activities.

4. The New England Experience

Embark on a journey to explore the historic charm of New England. Drive through Connecticut's scenic coastal towns, such as Mystic, known for its maritime heritage and charming seaport.

Continue to Newport, Rhode Island, where the opulent mansions of the Gilded Age will transport you back in time. Finally, venture to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with its sandy beaches, quaint villages, and fresh seafood delights.

5. The Catskills and Finger Lakes Discovery

Discover the natural wonders of the Catskills and Finger Lakes regions in upstate New York. Drive through the Catskill Mountains, offering hiking trails, waterfalls, and stunning vistas.

Then, head to the Finger Lakes, renowned for its wineries and charming lakeside towns like Skaneateles and Seneca Falls. Relax by the water or indulge in wine tasting, soaking in the beauty of the region.

With a rental car, these five road trips starting from New York promise unforgettable adventures, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and historic charm. So, buckle up and hit the road to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Rentacaramerica, for more than two decades the best rent a car to move in New York

Like we said above, New York City has an extensive transportation system that makes it easy to get around.

However, renting a car with Rentacarameria is a great option for visitors. Here are a few reasons why renting a car can be beneficial:

  1. Flexibility: Renting a car gives visitors the freedom to explore the city at their own pace, without having to worry about schedules or timetables. They can visit out-of-the-way neighborhoods, go on day trips to nearby attractions, or simply enjoy the convenience of having a car at their disposal.

  2. Comfort: Driving a car can be a more comfortable option than taking public transportation, especially if visitors are traveling with a group or have a lot of luggage. They can also choose the type of car that best suits their needs, whether it's a compact car for easy parking or a larger vehicle for more space and comfort.

  3. Cost-effectiveness: While the cost of renting a car in New York City can vary depending on the time of year, it can be a cost-effective option for visitors who plan to stay in the city for an extended period of time or who want to explore areas outside the city. It can also be more economical than taking taxis or ride-sharing services for long distances.

Here at Rentacaramerica we take great care of the details, and we know your needs perfectly.

That is why we have prepared all-inclusive rates that no other website can offer you.

Details such as full insurance, unlimited miles or 24-hour assistance are our best letter of introduction, and we include them in all our rentals.

Our team of experts is not only by your side during the trip. It is also prepared to accompany you during the search for the best cheap rental cars in New York.

In case you require help, contact our customer service and enjoy the cordial and professional treatment you deserve.

Only in New York we have numerous offices and suppliers, with more than 40 companies that collaborate side by side with us to deliver the best vehicles.

We have a presence at JFK airport, LaGuardia Airport and other parts of the city.

We also offer our services of car rental in Newark Airport, New Jersey.

Our fleet offers more than 35 vehicle models

When it comes to renting a car for travel in New York City, the most comfortable car models will depend on personal preference and the needs of the traveler.

That being said, there are a few car models that are known for their comfort and convenience on city streets. Renting an SUV will take you to live the true American experience.

The SUVs and crossovers, such as the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Ford Edge, offer plenty of space for passengers and luggage, as well as all-wheel drive for navigating the city's sometimes challenging terrain.

Luxury cars, such as the BMW or Mercedes-Benz, provide a more upscale experience with plush interiors, advanced technology, and smooth handling.

We have larger units like the Chevrolet Tahoe or Suburban and the Nissan Patrol.

Reserve yours now from US$24 dollars a day and drive a comfortable and safe car that also provides plenty of space for all its occupants.

Large family? The best way to travel comfortably is without a doubt to reserve a minivan rental in New York.

No matter how many people participate in the trip, we have cars from 5 to 15 seats to meet all your needs.

Reserve now your preferred model between the Dodge Grand Caravan, the Toyota Sienna or the Chrysler Pacifica from US$24 per day all included!

We select our car rental suppliers based on the quality of service

Rentacaramerica is the official partner of the best companies in the sector.

Recognized names such as Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Europcar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Thrifty or Sixt come together in our search engine to give you the opportunity to book a cheap car rental in New York without giving up the quality of service.

To increase our offer of vehicles, we have also added low-cost car rentals in New York.

Companies that work with a low-cost policy and, therefore, can give us lower prices.

We are talking about ACE Rent a Car, Green Motion, FOX or Payless that will also be part of your search results.

Although we manage to have an excellent treatment by all our collaborators, our clients have determined that Alamo New York is the company that stands out from the others in the quality-price ratio of its services.

It is not unexpected, this company is usually one of the first in the evaluations of our clients, practically in all the airports of the United States.

This is no exception, since it has the number one position both if we talk about car rental in JFK and in other city offices and even in LaGuardia Airport.</p >

The other brands of the group, Enterprise and National, have also received good votes and continue to be a reference when it comes to reserving a vehicle throughout the country.

Car rental offices in downtown New York

Pick up and return the car in the place that is most comfortable for you. All of our car rentals are present at JFK Airport and LaGuardia Airport, and also in the city.

These are just some locations you can choose when making your reservation:

  • Enterprise New York – 21 2nd St, Jersey City, NJ 07302
  • Enterprise New York – Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 112-134 River St, Hoboken, NJ 07030 - See Map
  • Enterprise New York – 3717-3711 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07307 - See Map
  • Avis New York – 501 John F. Kennedy Blvd, North Bergen, NJ 07047 - See Map
  • Sixt New York – 20 Morris St, New York, NY 10006 - See Map
  • Hertz Car Rental – Greenwich Village - Between 7th Avenue And Bleecker Street HLE - 18 Morton St, New York, NY 10014 - See Map
  • Alamo New York – 110 1st St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Car rental in the Bronx

Every day, more customers traveling from Latin America ask us if it is possible to rent a car in the Bronx.

Of course, we could not remain indifferent to these requests.

Through our search engine, you will be able to see the availability of all our rent a car in the Bronx.

Introducing the dates of your trip, in a few moments you will have an overview of the availability and prices of our vehicles.

These are some possibilities for your next reservation in this area of New York:

  • Hertz - 1554 Stillwell Avenue, The Bronx, NY 10461 - View Map
  • Enterprise - 4580 3rd Avenue, The Bronx, NY 10458 - View Map

Remember that, in any case, picking up the car at LaGuardia Airport can always be the best option in terms of rates, availability, and the longer opening hours.

Frequently Asked Questions – Rental Cars in New York

How much does it cost to rent a car in New York?

Economy car rental from US$24 per day. Minivan rental 7–9 seats from US$35 per day. Prices are subject to fluctuations.

Which rental cars are present at JFK Airport in New York?

At New York's JFK airport you can find Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Europcar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Thrifty, Sixt and the low cost ACE Rent a Car, Fox, and Green Motion. By doing a search on our website, you will be able to see availability and prices of each company in real time.

Which are the car rentals at LaGuardia Airport?

At New York's LaGuardia Airport you can find all the most renowned national and international companies such as Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise or Hertz.

What is the cheapest rental car in New York?

Rentacaramerica.com - Car Rental in New York from US$18 per day.

How to rent a car in New York?

Visit Rentacaramerica.com, enter your trip information and book through our search engine, you will be able to see the availability and prices of more than 50 vehicle models.

How much does it cost to rent a Mustang in New York?

The sports car rental segment like the Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro is relatively cheap. The daily rate ranges from US$35 to US$48 per day.

Which insurance is required to rent a car in New York?

Mandatory insurance in the United States are theft, damage, and third party insurance.

What do I need to rent a car in New York?

To rent a car in New York you will need the following:

  • Having a minimum age of 25.
  • Have a driver's license for at least one year.
  • Be the holder of a credit card (third party cards will not be accepted).
  • Have a confirmed reservation and its related voucher printed.

Drivers between the ages of 20 and 24 may still reserve their car. By entering the age at the time of the search you will be able to see the rates with the young driver rate included.

How to reserve a cheap rental car in New York?

We load offers and discounts into our system daily, but in order to book and save even more, anticipate your request as much as possible.

Where are cars picked up and drop off at New York JFK Airport?

The cars are picked up at the offices of each of the rent a car. In your confirmation voucher we will send you all the instructions. Vehicles are returned to the same facility, located at 10 Federal Circle, Jamaica, New York.

Which accessories can I reserve with the car?

We have a wide variety of extra accessories for your rental. After choosing the car you can add baby seats, booster seats, snow chains or GPS to your reservation.

Can I book a rental car in New York and return it somewhere else?

Yes, you can return the car at more than 2,500 locations in the United States and Canada with a reservation. Enter the final destination of your rental to see the rates with the one way rate included.

Can I pay the rental in cash?

No, the only accepted form of payment is credit card.

Car rental agencies in New York

Ace Rent a Car New York JFK AeropuertoAce Rent a Car New York JFK Airport
124-10 S Conduit Avenue
New York, United States 11420

+1 877 822-3872
Prices: US$16 - US$299
Mondays-Sundays 08:00 – 22:00
Alamo New York JFK AeropuertoAlamo New York JFK Airport
308 Federal Cir Bldg 308
New York, United States 11430

+1 844-648-1611
Prices: US16 - US$228
Mondays-Sundays 06:00 – 23:00
Avis New York JFK AeropuertoAvis New York JFK Airport
305 Federal Circle
New York, United States 11430

+1 718-244-5400
Prices: US$18 - US$198
Mondays-Sundays 00:00 – 24:00
Budget New York JFK AeropuertoBudget New York JFK Airport
305 Federal Circle
New York, United States 11430

+1 718-656-1890
Prices: US$21 - US$199
Mondays-Sundays 00:00 – 24:00
Dollar New York JFK AeropuertoDollar New York JFK Airport
312 Federal Circle
New York, United States 11430

+1 866-434-2226
Prices: US$22 - US$236
Mondays-Sundays 00:00 – 24:00
Enterprise New York JFK AeropuertoEnterprise New York JFK Airport
69 Federal Circle
New York, United States 11430

+1 844-648-1609
Prices: US$22 - US$229
Mondays-Sundays 06:00 – 23:00
Hertz New York JFK AeropuertoHertz New York JFK Airport
318 Federal Circle
New York, United States 11430

+1 718-656-7600
Prices: US$21 - US$227
Mondays-Sundays 00:00 – 24:00
National New York JFK AeropuertoNational New York JFK Airport
Building, 308 Federal Circle
New York, United States 11430

+1 888-826-6890
Prices: US$24 - US$256
Mondays-Sundays 00:00 – 24:00
Payless New York JFK AeropuertoPayless New York JFK Airport
305 Federal Circle
New York, United States 11430

+1 718-244-8277
Prices: US$25 - US$253
Mondays-Sundays 07:00 – 23:00
Sixt New York JFK AeropuertoSixt New York JFK Airport
305 Federal Circle
New York, United States 11430

+1 888-749-8227
Prices: US$19 - US$196
Mondays-Sundays 07:00 – 21:30
Thrifty New York JFK AeropuertoThrifty New York JFK Airport
312 Federal Circle
New York, United States 11430

+1 212-380-1166
Prices: US$22 - US$209
Mondays-Sundays 07:00 – 23:00